Layla Dribble's first impressions of being a Trainee at Howard Kennedy


My first impressions of being a trainee at Howard Kennedy are...

What was the onboarding process like in the first few weeks? 

It was really well organised, lots of inductions to introduce you to different departments around Howard Kennedy which showed us how much support there is for employees of the firm. My calendar was full of intro meetings with all of the people in my team which was lovely and made me feel very welcome! 

How have you found the work-life balance as a first seat Trainee at Howard Kennedy? 

Overall the work life balance is really great at Howard Kennedy. I've finished work at a decent time the majority of evenings and haven't had any weekend working just yet so I definitely can't complain! 

What would your alternative career choice be and why? 

I did want to be a forensic scientist at one point (after watching way too many crime documentaries) but once I realised I couldn't hack A-Level Chemistry, unfortunately that dream was over. If I were to pick something now, I would love to do something in the field of marine biology – the ocean fascinates me.

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