A day in the life of a Business Crime trainee - Georgia Learoyd


I am a first-year trainee, currently working in my second seat with the Business Crime team.



I had my morning coffee and hit the mat for an early Pilates class to start my day.


Today was a little different than usual as rather than heading straight to the office, I attended a conference with counsel at Doughty Street Chambers in relation to an extradition case that I am working on.


I headed back to the office with my supervisor and, after a quick Pret run, continued making some agreed amendments to a medical expert report to submit as part of our defence evidence.


Grabbed lunch and went for a walk along the river before a busy afternoon.



I was tasked with reviewing a bundle of WhatsApp transcripts to assist us in making representations to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) on a conduct investigation.


Attended a team meeting to run through our task list on a private prosecution matter and allocate workstreams. Caught up with a few colleagues on the way back to my desk as I can't help but stop off for a chat!


I called a client to update them on the progress of their case, before picking back up on drafting a witness statement to serve on the Court and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) later in the week.


I caught up on final emails of the day and updated my to-do list for tomorrow.



Headed downstairs as I had the pleasure of attending the Female Fraud Forum wine tasting event hosted at Howard Kennedy's office - the perfect way to end the day!

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