A day in the life of a trainee – Jonah Cohen


I am currently in my second seat in Commercial Development (Real Estate). My first seat was in Mergers & Acquisitions (Corporate).

07:00: Rise and Shine! I like to wake up early to get in a little bit of physical activity before work and to catch up on market trends, current events and sports.

08:15: I am working in the office today. I usually attend the office 3-4 times per week depending on when others in my team are attending the office (the firm is extremely supportive of hybrid working). It takes me about 20 minutes to reach the firm's offices at No.1 London Bridge.

08:35: I sit down at my desk with my Howard Kennedy provided breakfast, usually consisting of some fruit, drinks (coffee, tea or smoothie) and baked goods. I read and reply to any emails that came in overnight, review my on-going client matters and update my to-do list that I always compile the night before.

09:00: I have been asked by a colleague to assist in the drafting of a licence to alter for major works as well as some additional minor tasks for an ongoing client matter. I like to take some time before I start drafting to review the client file and give myself a better understand of the transaction. I then review PLC precedents and drafting notes to familiarise myself with any specific drafting requirements.   

10:30: Having completed this task, my colleague and I go into a meeting room to review my work and answer any questions I may have had.

11:00: We have a team meeting every Wednesday to catch up, have a laugh, discuss work and anticipated capacity for the week, and to discuss BD initiatives and successes. I use this as an opportunity to identify who may need assistance.

11:30: I have volunteered to assist on a research task for the firm's upcoming Meritas conference. The conference is being hosted by Howard Kennedy LLP and marks the first time that a Meritas conference is being held outside of North America. Meritas is a professional services network consisting of a global alliance of business law firms. This is a really exciting opportunity for the firm and I am eager to get involved.

13:00: Lunch time – the trainees usually grab lunch together near the office at Borough Market.

13:45: After lunch, I begin working on a draft lease, together with a rent deposit deed and a statutory declaration. Much like with my morning task, I review the client file and PLC drafting notes before beginning the task.

15:30: Having completed the above task, I quickly exchange on a licence to alter for another transaction. We are happy to get this one over the line!

16:00: In advance of a client call, I update a tracker I have compiled of all key transaction documents, outstanding information and drafting requirements. My supervisor and I are currently working on the granting of an airspace lease above a client's property for the purposes of development; the lease is to be granted at auction which makes this transaction all the more interesting but also requires a number of formalities to be undertaken. The call lasts for just over an hour and my supervisor and I stay to discuss any points of action.

18:00: I return to my desk and finalise my attendance note of the client call. I also answer any emails that came in during this time. Before wrapping up for the day, I update my to-do list and ensure that everything is in order for the next day.

19:00: It's time to leave the office! A few of the trainees have decided to grab a drink after work so we head over to the George before heading home for the evening.

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