My first impressions of being a trainee at Howard Kennedy are...


What is your first impression of your seat? 

My first impression of both the M&A team and their transactions is that they are dynamic - the team are experts at what they do and it shows in the clientele they work with. From day one I was immersed in real transactions and was given the opportunity to take responsibility for various elements of those transactions. I was able to hit the ground running in this seat which suits my character so I've really loved it. In addition, the team are incredibly approachable and I've enjoyed the number of social events which have been organised within the team to keep us in touch during the pandemic. 

What are the business development opportunities like for trainees at Howard Kennedy and how have you got involved so far? 

As trainees we are invited to get involved with business development from day one of our training contracts and we have been encouraged to get involved as much as we can. In the first three months I have been actively involved with the firm's events set up to build upon its contacts in the US. At the heart of Howard Kennedy are its key sectors and we, as trainees, have each applied to join one of those sector groups to assist with the delivery of the business development plans for each of those sectors. 

What advice/top tip would you give to trainees in the recruitment process?

Be yourself! It may seem obvious, but it’s too common for applicants to try to fit in the box they think the firm wants. You haven't got to this stage of your legal career journey without being a viable applicant, so trust that you deserve a training contract and just show why that particular firm would be lucky to have you. A top tip I received during my application period was to ask my friends and family who don't have a legal background to read my application after I was happy with the legal side of things. Ask them if your genuine personality came across - if it didn't, then you know you need to tweak it to make that application stand out. 

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