Question Time: What international networks are Howard Kennedy a part of and do you have any exposure to international work as a trainee?


Our Question Time campaign answers common queries raised by Howard Kennedy Trainee candidates. So here's the inside scoop!

Howard Kennedy is a member of two international networks- Meritas and Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW). Both networks have a one firm per market policy and, due to this, Howard Kennedy is the only UK member of each network. Meritas is larger than LAW, with over 80 more member firms worldwide in almost 40 more countries. Meritas is made up of 7,612 lawyers, whereas LAW is made up of 4,000. This is mainly due to Meritas having a much larger presence in North America than LAW, as Meritas was founded in America, whereas LAW was founded in the United Kingdom. 

Our membership of these networks is extremely beneficial and will become increasingly beneficial post-Brexit. 

Members of Howard Kennedy attend regular conferences, seminars, meetings and social events through these networks, which has allowed strong working relationships to develop with alliance member firms. Since 2016, the revenue attributed to our network client introductions has doubled year to year. Some of our biggest clients were originally referred to us through other Meritas or LAW firms. 

Both networks provide opportunities for Howard Kennedy in the international markets that we are targeting, with member firms providing insight and knowledge into those markets.

Throughout my training contract, I have had significant exposure to international work. I have worked on matters involving international clients and have also worked with lawyers at overseas firms. I have assisted in providing advice on English law to international clients and law firms and have sought advice from network firms on international elements of matters that I have been working. I have also referred clients to overseas firms through LAW and Meritas. 

Trainees have the opportunity to join the International Sector Group, through which they can increase their involvement with Howard Kennedy's international development. 

Look out for next week's blog on trainee involvement with business development.

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