Question Time: What is the work-life balance like at the firm?


Our Question Time campaign answers common queries raised by Howard Kennedy Trainee candidates. So here's the inside scoop!

The work-life balance at the firm is very good in comparison to most of the other City firms. In most departments, you are actively encouraged not to stay too late if the work can be done at a later time. It is definitely not the norm to be working until late hours of the night / early hours in the morning. Personally, I would say that on average my working hours are 9am to 6:30pm. 

The hours do change between departments. You may find yourself working late during periods in your Corporate seat in order to exchange/complete a deal. Similarly, during your Litigation seat you may be doing late hours at times as you are working towards a court deadline - in short, the hours differ depending on the task at hand! 

The comforting factor to bear in mind is; even when you find yourself working late you are not alone and you will have a team around you working towards the same goal and, ready to help when you need it! 

Look out for next week's post on trainee involvement with firm thought leadership and insights!

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