Our Question Time campaign answers common queries raised by Howard Kennedy Trainee candidates. So here's the inside scoop!

Where to start, there have been so many events and they have all been great fun.

The best internal event would have to be the Quiz Night. There were 8 teams from across the firm and I was part of the Trainee Team. It was a draw at the end, but with an in-depth analysis on how many people have been killed by cows, we won. It was a good chance to get to know colleagues away from our desks and talk about things other than work. The quiz covered everything from the London Underground to classic music hits to emojis, so there were plenty hot topics for discussion.

The Quiz Night was organised by the Social Committee who put on a variety of events throughout the year. These include the Poker Night, cocktail making, Christmas wreath making, flower arranging, yoga classes as well as quarterly drinks.

There have also been events hosted by each department such as "Speed Dating with Family" and "Cake with Corporate". These are designed to let everyone know what other services are offered by the firm, so that we can fully assist clients. It's a really great way to meet colleagues in other departments, who you might not have met or worked with before. There are lots of other internal and external events that you get invited to as a trainee and they vary from team to team. In Litigation, for example, there are lots of opportunities to network with barristers. In Property, there is a wide range of seminars hosted by internal and external speakers to attend.

The best external event would have to be the Legal Cheek awards at Landing 42. You can't go wrong when you're enjoying a glass of wine with an incredible view across London. We met a great mix of other trainees, associates and barristers as well. Another great event was the London Young Lawyers Group Summer Boat Party. This offered equally great views as we sailed along the River Thames and got to swap stories with trainees at other firms.

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