Life Lessons with Aimee Gavin


Applying for a training contract can be daunting, and it's not always easy to relate the experience you have to the job. In our "Life Lessons" series, our trainees reflect on the non-legal experience they had and how it helped them with their application and interview.

Did you know trainee Aimee Gavin undertook evening courses to learn Italian and Arabic?

After completing my degree, I undertook evening courses in Italian and Arabic to build on language skills acquired at undergraduate level through courses at UCL and SOAS. I found the courses fun, interactive and they were a great way to explore cultural interests and meet new people. 

There have been instances in my training contract and as a paralegal where I have been able to directly apply knowledge learnt, but aside from this the communication skills learnt are invaluable. Learning another language reinforces the value of being self-reflective and considering carefully and systematically all written communications- even and especially those in English! When discussing topics of genuine interest, enthusiasm shines through and can make you a stand out candidate at training contract interviews.

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