Michayel Villani's first impressions of being a Trainee at Howard Kennedy


What is your first impression of the firm's culture?

The first thing I noticed was how approachable everyone was. Being onboarded virtually I was concerned as to how much I would be in touch with my colleagues, but they definitely operate an "open virtual door" policy where I'm able to get help and speak to anyone in the team I needed to. 

What is your first impression of the social side of the firm (despite working from home)?

Obviously there's only so much socialising we can do while working from home, but the firm has organised a few virtual drinks for us. Before we joined, we attended a virtual quiz and virtual Christmas party, which included a seal demonstration from an aquarium in Massachusetts! 

What advice/top tip would you give to trainees in the recruitment process?

You need to be your own biggest hype man or woman! Don't be afraid to share your greatest accomplishments or things that you are proud of for fear you may come across as boastful. It is a competitive process so you need to put your best foot forward! Good luck!

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