Thank you, next - Private Client


Seat moves are exciting and busy times. Here's a little insight and a helping hand should you rotate into Private Client. 

What tasks have you particularly enjoyed in this seat?

Preparing for and attending an all day mediation in a long running dispute, which resulted in a favourable outcome for our client. 

Researching a wide range of topics from trustees' duties and the rights of beneficiaries to the modern day challenges of estate planning and how to deal with digital assets on death. 

Not specifically a Private Client task, but I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Legal Talent Competition, with the added bonus that our team won!

What have you learned in this seat that will help in your career?

Not knowing how to do something does not deter me from having a go at figuring out how to do it - the old adage comes to mind, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again". And if you really don't know, ask for help!

What are your top tips for other trainees to hit the ground running in this seat?

Always be prepared for your day to change last minute; take a notebook and pen everywhere; be approachable; join in with team wide events!

Use any downtime to keep up with what is happening in the practice area and the wider legal industry, finding interesting articles for yourself or the team to write about and working on your own business development. 

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Always be prepared for your day to change last minute

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