Jessica Rush's #FirstImpressions ...


A few short months into my training contract at Howard Kennedy, my first impressions are…

First impression of the firm and its values?

I felt like the firm made a real effort to make us feel welcome and orientate us in our first week. The training that we received gave us a good chance to ask questions and to get to know the other trainees. 

First impression of the firm's culture?

People were very friendly and happy to help, everyone took the time to introduce themselves to me and answer my questions. There has also been cake in the kitchen most days, which is excellent.

First impression of your seat?

Corporate is busy and something of a learning curve. Matters move very fast! Every day I'm asked to do something new - some days are hectic, but I'm keeping on top of it (just about).

First impression your supervision and the mentor scheme?

I really appreciate that my supervisor is supportive and actively helps me manage my capacity - I have weekly meetings to touch base with her. I also managed to grab coffee with my mentor and we shared our IT woes, it was reassuring to know that it's not just me!

First impression of the social side of the firm?

Firm events are a big part of life here. I've been conscripted into the social committee, which possibly means I now need man the bar forever (I'm not entirely clear on the terms). There have been lots of events already like bingo and World Food Day!

First impression of the local area?

I'm especially fond of the large faux-medieval mural of St Olaf that presides over the Tooley Street entrance, watching everyone on their way into work. The tinny nursery rhymes playing from the box office of the London Tombs only add to the atmosphere.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in law?

The FBI Academy wouldn't have me. 

What career path did you take to get to where you are?

Pretty much straight out of uni.

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